"The Party of the Sunglasses" is an artwork that captures the essence of memories associated with sunny days, beaches, and summer while also exploring the concept of life cycles. Comprised of 36 sunglasses, it visually represents the stages of a complete cycle, from its beginning to its end.
Each pair of sunglasses plays a crucial role in the narrative of the artwork. The first pair, in orange, symbolizes the start of the process, marking the starting point for the journey that follows. The following 34 pairs of sunglasses are all in blue, representing the journey of experiences, places visited, and inspirations absorbed. These blue sunglasses symbolize commitment to the creative process, repetition, constancy, and the various nuances and paths we take throughout the cycle of life.
The last pair of sunglasses, in red, holds particular significance. This pair represents San Francisco, the city I currently call home. It symbolizes arrival, the conclusion of a cycle, and stability. This pair of sunglasses encapsulates not only a geographical location but also a personal and emotional transformation.
"The Party of the Sunglasses" invites the viewer to reflect on the cyclical nature of life, highlighting the beauty and complexity of the ephemeral moments that make up our journey. It is a celebration of light, color, and the human experience, encapsulated in an infinite cycle of beginnings, middles, and ends.
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