Classically, when contemplating photographs, the viewer quickly tries to find explanations for the work or make mental links to memories to feel connected to the object being observed at the moment.
This series of sixteen photographs, which are part of a larger group, were chosen to generate sensations of inner conflict, inspired entirely by an exploratory-experimental trip to San Francisco, California, aiming to demonstrate how even in a distant latitude, there are graphic elements that can bring highly subjective visual memories and experiences without even having had prior contact with any of them.
The artist, Lucas Antony, understands that color is also form and content but decides to sacrifice the prominence and volume that could be brought to the photographs to take advantage of the timelessness offered by black and white technique, and to use the lines, texture, and arrangement of the lines in photographic planes that focus on details that can be mundane. Thus, intending to use maximum abstraction, he generates a sense of agony, and as a means of escape, uses imagination to enjoy the work, even if the observer has to extrapolate the dimensions and sizes to feel them more or less tangible, more or less overwhelming.

Alfonzo BriceƱo Madera.

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