Since 2021, he has been dedicated to portraying Brazilian masculinity with an approach that highlights the nuances and particularities of the male universe.
The choice of orange and blue colors is a striking element in the series.
The orange frame, in turn, has a special meaning: it refers to the mirrors found in 1.99 stores, elements commonly found in Brazilian popular culture.
Le Bel Homme series consists of 36 works of art, a number chosen by Lucas Antony due to numerological reasons. Currently, the artist has 18 works that are being cataloged, but he hopes to complete the 36 works in the near future.
The Le Bel Homme series reflects the artistic vision and sensitivity of Lucas Antony. With it, he aims to explore different aspects of Brazilian masculinity and convey his interpretation in an authentic and inspiring way to the public.
Lucas Antony
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