I am Lucas Pio Antony, a Brazilian visual artist currently based in San Francisco, California. My artistic journey is a reflection of my relentless pursuit of beauty and meaning, influenced by my experiences in over 50 countries around the world.
My deliberate choice to exclusively work with the colors blue and orange goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is a symbolic representation of my personality. Blue evokes calm and serenity, while orange radiates energy and vitality. These colors encapsulate my constant transition between moments of tranquility and dynamic movement.
My artistic style is characterized by a dedication to highlighting individual objects, providing each element its moment of prominence within the composition. This approach, inspired by my practice in photography, allows me to explore the uniqueness of each object, capturing its essence in isolation.
After exploring diverse cultures and environments, I feel an intrinsic need to incorporate these experiences into my art. Each brushstroke tells a story — a fusion of cultural influences that enrich my works with a unique diversity. Having sold my art in several countries around the world, it is one of my goals to bring beauty to many nations.
The global nature of my art reflects my belief that beauty is a universal language that transcends borders and cultures.
I believe that art has the power to transform the world, and it is with this purpose that I paint. My creations seek not only to beautify the surroundings but also to inspire reflection and connection. Each piece is a visual expression that invites the viewer to explore different facets of existence.
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